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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts on Amazon

Hey, it happens. We love Mom, but sometimes we forget about Mother's Day until the last minute. We're running around, we're busy, we're tired and we need help. Don't worry I feel your pain--notice I said, "we're tired." You're not alone! I'm tired too but, let's show Mom that we care and at least look like we thought ahead with these great gifts that ship fast.

For the Tea Lover

For the Mom that loves to sip a little tea to start or end her day, grab this tea set and pair it with a cute mug that will keep her tea piping hot!

For the Home Body

If your mom loves to unwind on the sofa with her feet kicked up on the coffee table, then give her a few accessories for her coffee table. This set of Table Topics will encourage stimulating conversation about inspirational women (your mom included) while this candle fragrances the room.

For the Decor Lover

The perfect pairing for any Mom that loves to decorate is a throw and a coffee table book. Gift the softest throw with a great coffee table book for future decorating inspiration.

For the Bath Taker

Hot water and suds can wash the day away. If your mom loves a good soak, then this pretty bath tray and bubble path is a great gift.

For the Home Chef

If your Mom's happy place is in the kitchen, this Magnolia cookbook is a great gift when given with an olive wood serving board.

Find a great gift for your mom with one of these ideas and make sure to pick up some flowers for her too!

Very Happy Mother's Day!



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