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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Celebrate Mom

Mother's Day Champagne Gifts

If your Mom needs to be celebrated, and who's Mom doesn't, may I ask then these champagne themed gifts will really make her feel special! Whether your Mom loves champagne, or you're throwing a champagne brunch in her honor on that special day, these gifts will make her smile all year long (champagne not included)!

Mother's Day Champagne Gifts - Champagne Bucket

A traditional trough for a delightfully fizzy beverage has been upgraded with a blue and white ginger jar motif, accented with a rattan handle. This stunning piece will be treasured by your Mom for years to come as a champagne bucket, a vase for flowers or a large counter catchall for fruits and vegetables.

Mother's Day Champagne Gifts - Champagne Coupe Glasses

Pair any bottle of champagne with these beautiful glasses or even the champagne bucket for a really luxurious gift! Even on their own these glasses are overflowing with styles and come in an assortment of colors!

GIFT IDEA: Mimosa Cubes

Mother's Day Champagne Gifts - Mimosa Cocktail Cubes

These orange, grapefruit and lemon flavor cubes are simply dropped into a glass of champagne to create a delightful mimosa cocktail! These are also available in grapefruit and peach cubes, orange and strawberry cubes, and raspberry and lemon cubes. What a wonderful (and easy) treat to pair with a bottle of champagne!

Mother's Day Champagne Gifts - Painted Champagne Bottle

If you're looking for a beautiful bottle of champagne to give to you Mom either on it's own or with any of these gifts, this painted bottle is a great choice! Filled with bubbly on the inside and fantastically designed on the outside, you can't go wrong with this bottle.

Mother's Day Champagne Gifts - The Widow Clicquot Book

If your Mom needs a little bit of reading material while she sips her champagne this biography of the woman behind the brut brand will leaving her feeling tipsy with girl power!

Pick up any of these great gifts and cheers to your Mom on Mother's Day, she deservers it!


Very Happy Mother's Day!

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