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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Shippable Food Gifts

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Food Gifts

For mothers with a strong craving or who just need a break from of cooking, shippable food gifts are great for your mom, grandmother or a friend who has been like a mom to you.

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Mother's Day Bouquet Cupcakes
Mother's Day Gift - Cupcakes

Were you thinking of getting your Mom flowers for Mother's Day? What about edible flowers as a great gift? This adorable bouquet will feed her love for flora and food!

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Gourmet Cookie Gift Set
Mother's Day Gift - Cookies

Do your Mom say, "Me Want Cookie" or was that Cookie Monster? Or better yet Cookie MOMster! Okay, okay, but you get the point, this is the prefect gift for any Mom with a cookie craving!

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Soup Meal Package
Mother's Day Gift Idea - Soup Meal Package

If your Mom craves something a little more warm and hearty then this gift package from Spoonful of Comfort will make her feel warm on the inside! With sweet little gifts and a full meal, this is a great gift you can't be with your Mom on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Strawberry Shortcake
Mother's Day Gift - Cake

Is there anything better than strawberry shortcake when the weather starts to get warm? Ok, maybe strawberry shortcake with ice cream! This delicious treat is a great way to treat Mom on Mother's Day (ice cream not included).

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Ice Cream
Mother's Day Gift - Ice Cream

If after reading about ice cream above, you really wanted ice cream then I give you... Jeni's Ice Cream. The Queen of Cream will not let you down as all of her flavors are mouth-watering and pair perfectly with any cake, brownie or even on their own! Choose from nationwide delivery of a variety of flavors.

These gift will be the joy of any recipient! Make your Mom happy with any of these gifts, but don't wait, shipping windows are closing so order now!

Very Happy Mother's Day!




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