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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Pregnant Mothers

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Do you have any one in your life that spends more time looking at cute little baby booties than they do looking for items for themselves? New mothers and expecting mothers are a category of mothers that deserve some attention on Mother's Day. Even if they aren't technically a mother yet, they are about to embark on a lifelong commitment of love and care.

One of my rules for these special mothers is that you are giving a gift to the MOTHER, not the child. The child's birthday is another day, and they can be spoiled then. For Mother's Day it is definitely acceptable to give a multi-functional gift that both the mother and child will love, but it has to be for the mom. As cute as baby shoes are, you won't catch Mom going out to dinner in baby shoes! If you're looking to treat the expecting mother or new mother in your life here are some great ideas!

MOTHER'S DAY GIFT IDEA: Ritual Non Alcoholic Spirits
Non Alcoholic Spirits

Things are about to get really, well real, in an expectant mother's life and if they are used to relaxing with a cocktail at the end of the day or week, these months where they can't consume alcohol can be a challenge. Enter Ritual! These completely alcohol free spirit replacements allow for the mother to be or lactating mother to "drink," without consuming alcohol. Ritual states that their "products are alcohol and allergen free, enjoyed by many many pregnant women. But if you have any doubts given your unique health circumstances, we always suggest that you consult your doctor to be sure."

Mother's Day Gift - Pregnancy Belly Mask

Self-care has never been more important that in this stage of a woman's life. Help the mother-to-be in your life relax and enjoy a little me time with a sheet mask for her belly!

Mother's Day Gift - Belly Tattoos

Embrace the wild child within, in more ways than one, with these chic yet edgy belly tattoos! These temporary embellishments will add a modern edge to any growing baby bump.

Pregnant Mother Gift - Baby Keepsake Book

For the sentimental soon-to-be-mom, give her this keepsake book to keep track of all of baby's firsts! This beautiful linen covered book will not only look great on a nursery shelf but will be a valued gift for years to come. Who knows, she may even give the memory filled book as a gift to her soon to be son or daughter, years later, upon the birth of their first child!

Expectant Mother's Day Gift - Meal Subscription

Pregnant women are _________ (fill in the blank). Hungry!! Eating for two, maybe more, can make you very hungry! Make eating and feeding her bun in the oven super easy with a meal subscription service! Freshly offers COOKED meals that are delivered right to their home. This takes cooking, and standing on their feet to make a meal, off the table--while putting a ready to eat meal on the table!

These great gifts for the mother-to-be will bring a smile to her face and joy to her heart!

Very Happy Mother's Day!




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