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Graduation Gift Guide: For A New World

Not everyone goes from college to career without a blink. Some take their time to explore in between those large life moments. If your gift recipient is taking a gap year or a year to off to travel before starting their career, here are some great gift that will make their year even better.

Away Suitcases

One of my favorite suitcases is the Away hard case suitcase. It has been durable through so many trips with me and you'd be surprised how much can fit in this little carry on! Not to mention the built in charging battery so I'm never without power--this suitcase it my go-to for travel and makes a great gift!

Packing Cubes

I turn to packing cubes when I'm trying to stay organized on a multi-destination trip. The compression is a great additional feature that lets you add a few more items to your bag but I really love the organization that these cubes bring. First stop, first cube full of clothing; second stop, second cube and so on. Gift your recipient these cubes to stay organized on the road!

Toiletry Bag

For the beauty loving graduate, who is setting out on the road, I like to fill a toiletry bag or dopp kit with a bunch of little, travel or trial size beauty buys that add a little surprise inside this great gift!

Electronics cord organizers

Whether your recipient is traveling or not, cord organizers are such a great way to stay organized. Help them keep their carry on and personal items clutter free with these wire wranglers!

Back up external battery

Help them stay charged up through any trip with this external battery perfect for charging their phone and devices.

Kindle E-reader

If they love to read then a kindle is the perfect gift! Help them condense their extensive reading list to this one device that's perfect for travel!

These items make great gifts for your recipient no matter where their travels take them!

Very Happy Gifting!



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