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Perfect Gifts for College Grads

College grads are entering into a new world! Soon they will start a series of job interviews, start a new job or get their own place. They are leaving academia behind and entering a world of responsibility. Responsibility for their own place and their own livelihood. These gifts will make adulting in the real world a little less intimidating.

Gifts to help with Interviews

Right out of the gate, they will be lining up interviews to find their first job out of school. In interviews they need to convey an appropriate look for job (creative positions need to look creative, more formal positions need to look more professional) but they also need to show a little personality and help them be memorable—but not too memorable!

It's all in the details and this quality belt set from Shinola helps any graduate keep their belt coordinating with the rest of the interview outfit. "When you look good, you feel good, when you feel good, you [interview] good!" Deon Sanders. Ok, he said "play good" instead of interview good, but you get the idea.

A blazer will take you places, straight to the CEOs office! Pair a basic blazer with different shirts to show personality in an interview. Pair it with a cute top or black tee for a night out, or jeans for a more casual outing. With a black blazer, you can't go wrong, especially if you slip a little cash into a pocket before you wrap this gift!

Organization is impressive, so help them show up prepared. They will always want to bring a few copies of their resume and pen and paper to take notes. This professional looking resume holder will hold everything your graduate needs.

What are you getting for your graduate this graduation season?

Very Happy Gifting!




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