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Great Gifts for High School Graduates

Ahhh, high school is over, and college is right around the corner. It's bittersweet, especially this year! Oh the anticipation, the anxiety and the excitement! These gifts will help your high school graduate make the most out of their college experience.



If your graduate is going to a large university then a nice pair of sneakers is a great gift. They can be sporty, they can be chic, but they need to be comfortable! These classic shoes will go a long way, and take them a long way. Nike also offers Nike By You, the ability to customize the colors of several shoe models. Getting a pair of kicks in their school's colors would be great to complete the the team spirit look at college games.

First year freshmen might be walking all over campus, going from class to class, and you want to make sure they have great footwear. For some, the euphoria of the first day of classes wears off quickly and they go from getting dressed and ready for every class to rolling out of bed popping an Altoid and just showing up. Needless to say, anything that makes looking great, really easy, is a great gift!

What would take this gift over the top? Buy a pair of socks and get at least $20-$50 in dollar bills. Bunch and crunch up the dollar bills, fill up the socks as if to create fake feet within the socks. Then put the filled up socks into the shoes, it will be a nice surprise when your graduate opens the their shoe box!



Moving into the dorms can be an exciting and jarring experience for any freshman. Great gifts for any freshman ease the transition from their comfortable room in their parents’ house to a shared room, shared floor and a constant shared living space. A soft robe for the walk from their room to the community showers will help even the most outgoing of college students feel secure.

What would take this gift over the top? Get it monogrammed! Eliminate roommate confusion so no one has to wonder whether it's their robe or not. On the breast, on the pocket, on the back between the shoulder blades, or even low-key initials on the inside of the collar.


Smart Phone Photo Printer

With cameras on every phone, we post everything to Instagram to show off our photos, give them the option to have a real printed photo! This is a great gift to give if they will share a dorm room in college and want a little wall art of pictures they’ve taken with their roommate(s). Also, in college there might be some pictures taken of activities that really don’t belong on Instagram. Remember—future employers will check Instagram!

What would take this gift over the top? Pair one of these photo printers with a cute cork board so they can dress up their dorm rooms!



As old fashioned as it seems, students still use backpacks at college. They still have to walk across campus and carry their things. The contents of the backpack might have changed. A trapper-keeper binder (remember those!) might be replaced with a laptop or iPad. But students are still needing a way to carry items from class to class.

What would take this gift over the top? Filling some of the hidden pockets with money of course! My favorite is putting different amounts in different pockets (especially the small pockets) and having them find surprise money they didn't find initially, through out the semester. A student can always use a little extra cash and any monetary surprise will bring a smile to their face and you to their mind.


So what do you have your eye on your recent or soon to be graduate? Would any of these gifts fit the bill?

Very Happy Gifting!




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