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High School Graduation Gift Ideas

The time period after graduation in anyone’s life is full of excitement, anxiety and anticipation of what’s to come. If it’s off to a college or university of the graduate in your life here are some great gift ideas for them to keep in their bag and help them through their higher learning!

Extra Charging Batteries:

Left: Luggage tag charger to keep on a purse or backpack.

Middle: Laptop charger to keep in their book bag.

Right: Charging bracelet to keep an extra charge, chicly stored around their wrist.

So much of our lives revolve around technology for person, professional and educational uses. With all of our digital accessories, there will come a time when more power is needed and usually that time comes—at the worst time! Extra battery power is always coveted for cellphones, laptops and tablets.

Pens & Paper:

Left: Classic Ruled Notebook for in class notes and studying.

Middle: Kraft Notebooks for creative notetaking and drawing.

Right: Le Pen the champagne of pens.

With all the battery power in the world sometimes you still want to write something down. Elevated pens and notebooks are a nice addition to any backpack.


Left: Powerbeats Headphones for in motion listening like walking to class or working out.

Middle: Apple AirPods Pro for completely wireless listening.

Right: Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones for quiet focusing without the noise.

Whether they’re trying to study and want to block out the noise or if listening to music helps them focus, headphones are a great gift.

Water Bottle:

If they don’t have a trendy water bottle, now is the time to get them one. Keep them hydrated and attempt to instill some healthy habits before the “freshman fifteen” sets in!


Right: Twister Game

There will be times when they don’t want to go out with their friends. Giving them board games is a great opportunity for them to bond and have a great time with their roommates! Ordering pizza and challenging each other to a fun game sounds like the perfect distraction when you’re done from a full day of classes.

Wherever your graduate is headed this fall, help them have a smooth, and fun transition into this next phase of life! For more ideas check out this post here.

Very Happy Gifting!




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