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Graduation Gift Guide: For A New Place

Each move in your life is significant, whether it's moving in to your own big kid room or off to your college dorm room or into your own apartment a move marks a new chapter in your life. If your gift recipient is ready to move to their next chapter then these gifts will make a great present!


After working a long day you'll want your recipient to eat healthy but we know it's not always easy! Make a home cooked meal the path of least resistance with a do-it-all pan like this Always Pan and a grocery delivery gift card.


If they are used to cooking but have run out of recipe ideas, help them hit refresh with a new cookbook and set of kitchen supplies.


If they made it through school, they already know the importance caffeine. Gift them an aesthetically pleasing, yet functional Chemex Coffee Maker with coffee, oh and don't forget the filters!


What's the first think you want to do when you get a new place? Decorate, of course! Get your recipient their way to a good looking home with a gift card to their favorite home store and a chic piece, like a throw, that will look great in their home!

These items make great gifts for your recipient no matter what their next career step may be.

Very Happy Gifting!



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