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Rice Krispies Gifts that Snap, Crackle and Pop

What's summer treat is more of a sugar rush than Rice Krispy treats? Originally created with their eponymous cereal, the addition of butter and marshmallows make these the treat to enjoy everyday, every summer!

Rice Crispy Treat

This twelve pack of treats offers a flight, if you will, of flavors that aren't often found in the typical crisped rice treat. This assortment will make a great gift for the foodie looking for new flavors!


Flavored Marshmallows

For anyone who loves to make their own Rice Krispies treats, these marshmallows will take their treats up a notch. Add in these toasted coconut vanilla marshmallows for a new take on an old favorite!


Rice Crispy Treat

Combine two childhood favorite with this gift of frosted animal cracker crispy rice treat. Before the diabetes sets in, this treat will delight the taste buds and

take you down memory lane!


Grain Free Cereal

If you're looking to spoil the health conscious recipients in your life, these cereal are the perfect substitution for the traditional Rice Krispies cereal. Sweetened with honey, cinnamon, and cacao, these cereals are a healthier alternative that will cut the

overall sugar in a sweet treat.


Rice Crispy Treat

These traditional looking rice crispy treats stays true the classic flavors without a lot of bells and whistles, while still looking great as a mouthwatering gift.


These are great gifts to keep summer alive just a little longer! These items are great on their own, or all together for a spectacular gift that will snap, crackle and pop!

Very Happy Gifting!




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