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Gifts for Summer Relaxing

We all have different goals for our time in the sun. Some people believe that a beautiful day is perfect for high energy activity like a run or a hike. And others think that a sun soaked day is perfect for a low energy relaxing respite. If you have a gift recipient that loves a low key day outside, here are some gift ideas for you!

A Gift for an Easy Day in the Garden

For the garden goddess that loves a floral, outdoor oasis gift them a beautiful bouquet of flowers paired the seeds to recreate the blooms in their own garden. Pop those seeds in this beautiful case and you've got a great gift!

For a Relaxing Picnic Gift

Whether it's in the park or on the beach a picnic is a quintessential summer activity. Gift a gift that makes a picnic easy and care free with this backpack that has all the accessories. Paired with some food to go and this gift creates a great time for a date or family!

For a Relaxing Pool Day Gift

If you know someone with a pool, or you are someone with a pool you might just be the most popular person all summer long! If you're looking to give the pool owner in your life a little something so that you will always have an invite, here is a great gift idea. Sunscreen, a lot of sunscreen, and a cute pool float is a great gift duo to keep them protected and relaxed!

These items will make great gifts for anyone looking to relax for the rest of the summer! If you still have a few people on your list that love an active summer day, check out this post for great ideas for them too!

Very Happy Gifting!





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