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Gifts for Outdoor Activities

We all know someone who spends their entire summer outside. Every time you see their Instagram there our outdoor pictures with oceans, forest or beaches in the background. Every time you see them in person, you see tan lines from all their time spent soaking up the sun! These gifts are for that person!

For the person who loves exercising outdoors:

Whether its going for a run around the neighborhood, doing a beach boot camp these headphones will stay in their ears through each step and burpee! When paired with an iTunes gift card, these gifts will keep them jamming through the toughest workout

For the friend who secretly wants to ride in the Tour De France:

If you have a friend that loves a summer bike ride, whether it's on a beach cruiser or a streamlined professional bike, these riding accessories will add a dapper flair to their ride!

For the recipient who sleeps under the stars:

When the weather gets warmer it's not only time to spend the day outside, but the night too! For the person who loves outdoor sleepovers and moves into a tent for the warmest months of the year, these gifts will help them stay prepared with the essentials.

For those who love taking the road less traveled:

Hiking up and down trails can be exhilarating and exhausting, keep them fully hydrated for the road ahead with these necessities of nature.

Very Happy Gifting!




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