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Perfect Packing Presents

Since I travel often, I have my go-tos that I always (ALWAYS) travel with. These items are perfect for my packing style which is to pack everything in carry-on luggage with a great personal item for overflow essentials. I don’t like to check bags because while I love to be in the airport before a flight for all the snacks, shopping and anticipatory excitement, after a flight lands I want to be out of the airport in record time! If you have know anyone in need of great travel gear these items would make great gifts for you or any travel junkie on your list!

Let’s talk about suitcases.

Away The Bigger Carry-On Luggage Suitcase

This suitcase is a popular suitcase for good reason. This suitcase makes a great gift or the perfect addition to your luggage collection. It is the only suitcase I travel with for most of my trips. I love that it has a spare phone battery in this model for charging in the airport. This is especially great when all of the charging stations are full and your phone is dying after being delayed or surfing the internet during a long layover. I also love that this hardcase luggage has a somewhat flexible exterior, allowing you to fit so much in it!


After my suitcase is packed, I pack my “personal item”.

Tumi Weekender Bag

This is the bag you place under the seat on the plane. Most use a tote bag, beach bag or backpack. Ideally you’ll use something that you plan on using during your trip. I love a weekender bag. It’s a splurge but it fits so much, looks refined and is easy to wipe clean.


Pack up all the lotions and potions.

Kitsch Travel Toiletry Container Variety Set Pack

Ok, now let’s turn our attention towards the ever important toiletries. When you’re traveling you just want the creams and serums you’re used to, but packing those items are the toughest! They need to be under a certain volume, they always leak and you end up forgetting something. This toiletry kit is incredibly useful with a variety of containers for everything from hair to skincare. They come in super cute colors that make them great for stocking stuffers!


Time to hit the sack.

After your skincare is complete it’s time to hit the sack, but resting well in a hotel can be challenging. Whether there’s a time zone change, jet lag or just adjusting to new surroundings, I like to have a little piece of home with me! I travel with my own pillowcase. I love a silk pillowcase at home and I keep one in my travel bag for any trip I take. It is also a great idea for anyone who has sensitive skin. Detergents and hotel cleaning agents can be tough on skin and lead to dreaded travel breakouts, so bringing your own pillowcase—where you lay your face every night will help. This travel sleep set would be a great gift to a traveler or for your next trip!


These items are great gifts to make any trip go smoother! Here also a few packing tips I've picked up along the way:

Tip 1:

If you travel a lot, keep your go to items packed. I always keep two of all my skincare, makeup and toiletries. One for at home and one that stays in my suitcase. Whenever I return home from a trip I refill anything that is low and store it in my suitcase, ready for the next trip.

Tip 2:

Wear your chunkiest, heaviest shoes on the plane to save room in your suitcase. For me that tends to be sneakers but in the winter that might be boots.

Tip 3:

Check the weather, take an umbrella and be ready for things to change, just trust me on this one. Weather changes so be prepared. Don't pack based on the reputation of a destination, pack based on your research. "Sunny, Los Angeles, California" in January can actually get into the 40s and have quite a bit of rain.

Very Happy Gifting!




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