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Travel Exercise Essentials

Every January we make resolutions to do better and to be better. One of the most popular resolutions is working out, losing weight or being healthier. And while that is always on our mind, the new year is a great way to refresh goals and look at whether you’ve been committing all year or if you need to recommit.

But what happens when you have to travel and you get thrown off your normal schedule? What do you do to stay healthy on the road? Here are my travel essentials that make great gifts to anyone stay healthy and stick to a workout routine while traveling.


First up you’re not going to get very far without a good pair of sneakers. Whether they are by Nike, On or APL, it’s important to have a shoe that you can work out in, hit the hotel gym in, or just walk around town wearing when you’re traveling. Gift on trend shoes they can feel comfortable in and look chic while still being able to run a mile. Gone are the days of boring sneakers! Whether it's neutrals or a bold pop of color, many sneakers look amazing with every day outfits and can be dressed up or dressed down.

How to Gift it:

If you need to start them out slow, start for the sneaker gift that’s less intimidating than a full athletic shoe. Start with a chic leather sneaker that they can mix into the wardrobe they are already packing.

Blending Bottle and Personal Blenders

Second, I love a blending bottle for smoothies. There are so many great battery powered personal blenders on the market and they range from fancier to no frills. It blends protein powder and supplements with your choice of milk--on the go! Take travel nutrition up a level while you’re traveling. It can be hard to get the right amount of vitamins and protein and nutrients while you’re out of town, this helps make it easy.

How to Gift it:

Gift one of the smoothie cups with portable protein powder packs and you’ll be any health enthusiast’s best friend.

Exercise App Subscription

Third, get them a gift they can take with them anywhere they go. I love a good fitness app subscription because all you need is your phone to work mount anywhere, including your hotel room. From Sweat, Peloton to Playbook, there is an app that has a workout your recipient can enjoy. Fitness content creators, viral Instagram fitness gurus and certified personal trainers all have apps or are part of a fitness community. These apps will have them sweating in their hotel room or running around downtown in their new locale.

How to Gift it:

If you know your recipient is a little bit more adventurous, gift them a subscription that will get them out of their hotel room and into the different classes in the different cities they travel to. Classpass is a subscription-based service that will allow them access to several different types of workouts from yoga to CrossFit class pass will have them being adventurous in anything.

Sticking to fitness goal is not always easy, especially when traveling, but these essentials will help anyone stick to their commitment!

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