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Fitness Gifts for Work Out Resolutions

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

When January rolls around, everyone makes fitness a priority, so if you have a gift to give to anyone focusing on this specific new year's resolution, here are some great ideas!

Running Shoes

Don't let a little wet weather be their excuse for skipping a morning run! Equipped with a water repellent shield and extra tread, these running shoes will make any run a breeze!


Theragun Wave Massage Roller

For anyone who takes their recovery just as seriously as their workout, this massage roller will get into the deep muscle tissues to get them ready for their next workout!


Hydration is key whether you're working out or recovering, so help them keep fluids within an arms reach with this sleek water bottle.


Weighted ring dumbell

If your recipient is beyond beginner level workouts, then gift them this weighted ring for an additional level of difficulty and excitement!


Hand weights dumbells

For the aesthetic enthusiast that also likes to feel the burn, these sleek and chic hand weights are a great gift!


Smart Jump Rope

This smart jump rope is a great way to give an old favorite, a new, modern spin. Adding technology to an easy way to workout is the perfect addition to anyone's at home gym.


Smart Cupping Recovery Therapy

For the recipient that is into the latest health solution, this cupping kit helps with recover. And if you don't know what cupping is, don't worry--they will!


Wood Fitness Exercise Equipment Weights and Jump Rope

These elegant weights are designed to make any workout area look great! Gift these to anyone who needs to combine their living space with their workout space, and want them both to look great!


Funny tee workout exercise shirt

Sometimes your recipient just need a little encouragement! This tee will give them a peek at their metaphorical "after" in the mirror.


Lululemon belt bag fanny pack

Whether it's on the way to the gym or just running errands, this belt bag is perfect to carry all the essentials!

These gifts will help anyone, including you, make their fitness goals this year! Here's to your health!

Very Happy Gifting!




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