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March Christmas Prep: How to Prepare for Christmas this Month

It’s still early in the year but if you read the January Christmas Prep post you know that the goal is to make progress each month so the holidays don’t catch us off guard. This year we’re taking a little time around the 25th of every month to prepare for the holidays and make progress on all aspects of planning and gift giving.

This month we are focusing on the changing of the seasons. Since the weather is getting warmer we are all taking a little inventory of what we have an what we don't. Spring cleaning is about to be in full swing. People will be donating things they didn't use or throwing away items that can't be reused.

This month, listen to what the people in your life are saying they need for this new season. Many of us state out loud what we need, in passing, and only occasionally go about buying that item for ourselves. For example, a friend of mine was saying he'd love to have a great pair of binoculars to see the wildlife around his house and yard. This is a great example of a spring time need that might night have come up in the colder months as we get closer to Christmas.

Take note of these casual conversations where a friend or family member says what they want, what they need or would like for spring. Did they say that wish they had a new white spring dress and cowboy boots for festival season? Have they admired the fresh flowers in bloom and wish they could have flowers delivered to their home every week? Did they return from spring break only to say they need new swimwear?

These are the start of great gift ideas. This month your homework is to keep your ears open and take notes! Don't rely on your memory to keep these gifty tidbits until Christmas. Store these ideas in the Christmas spreadsheet or in your phone's notes app and you'll have a great place to start Christmas shopping!


A Quick Recap of this Year:

In January we took the time to review last Christmas. We updated our gift spreadsheets with all of the gifts that we gave during Christmas. All of the clothes, toys, gadgets and stocking stuffers were noted, as well as their recipient’s reactions to these gifts.

We also talked about setting a budget for Christmas by setting aside a monthly stipend for the holiday season with a direct deposit amount or just a calendar reminder, or simply planning to purchase a gift each month so you don’t have to think of all the gift ideas at the end of the year.

In February we started to think about what to give for Christmas gifts. I get it, it’s early but gift giving is what this site is all about! This month we are getting strategic about gifts and gift ideas for Christmas. Let’s start thinking of ideas for gifts based on the resources recently presented to us.

In layman’s terms, look at all of the Valentine’s Day gift guides for Christmas ideas.


Next month we’ll circle back and work on making progress in another area so you’re prepared for the end of the year.

Very Happy Planning!




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