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February Christmas Prep: How to Prepare for Christmas this Month

Updated: Jan 6

It’s still early in the year but if you read the January Christmas Prep post you know that the goal is to make progress each month so the holidays don’t catch us off guard. This year we’re taking a little time around the 25th of every month to prepare for the holidays and make progress on all aspects of planning and gift giving.

A Quick Recap of this Year:

Last month we took the time to review last Christmas. We updated our gift spreadsheets with all of the gifts that we gave during Christmas. All of the clothes, toys, gadgets and stocking stuffers were noted, as well as their recipient’s reactions to these gifts.

We also talked about setting a budget for Christmas by setting aside a monthly stipend for the holiday season with a direct deposit amount or just a calendar reminder, or simply planning to purchase a gift each month so you don’t have to think of all the gift ideas at the end of the year.

This month we are starting to think about what to give for Christmas gifts. I get it, it’s early but gift giving is what this site is all about! This month we are getting strategic about gifts and gift ideas for Christmas. Let’s start thinking of ideas for gifts based on the resources recently presented to us. In layman’s terms, look at all of the Valentine’s Day gift guides for Christmas ideas.

Valentine’s Day Gifts as Christmas Gifts

Valentine’s gift guides recently flooded inboxes and social media and they are still timely in internet browser searches. Use those recommendations to start getting the ideas churning for Christmas.

For Him:

Use these roundups and gift guides for guys to start thinking about what your significant other would love for Christmas. If you had a few ideas on what to get him for Valentine’s Day but only decided to purchase one, buy the other item or items for Christmas. Whether it’s for his main gift, smaller gifts or stocking stuffers all will go a long way in getting ahead for the holiday season.

Another reminder is that there is more than one him! Don’t forget about all the men in your life that could benefit from data mining the valentine’s day gift guides. What about your male friends and family members that aren’t your romantic partner? Valentine’s Day gifts can be utilized for anyone you love!

For Her:

On the same note, use the Valentine’s Day gift guides for women for the women in your life. Whether it’s for your mother or sister, use these guides to find gifts that they will love. A real benefit of using these gift guides is the curated sentimentality of these gifts. If there is someone in your life that really loves touching, from the heart gifts this is a great opportunity to grab a great gift for them!

Another reminder is to check out all the Galentine’s Day gift guides for all your girlfriends and stock up on sweet gifts and stocking stuffers for your friends, cousins and coworkers.

Your homework for this month is reviewing Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day Gift Guides and use them to source gift ideas for Christmas. Next month we’ll circle back and work on making progress in another area so you’re prepared for the end of the year.

Very Happy Planning!


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