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January Christmas Prep: How to Prepare for Christmas this Month

Updated: Jan 6

Ok, I know it’s January and the last think you probably want to think about is Christmas since it just past but if you plan in small chunks the holidays are easier to prepare for. Think about how soon Valentine’s day is, it’s just around the corner. Soon you will be feeling that way about summer, fall and inevitably Christmas.

This month I’m taking the time to review last Christmas. If you didn’t take the time to read this post, do it now! Reflection is most valuable when everything is fresh in your mind. The further we get from Christmas the less you’ll remember the details. This year we’ll take a little time around the 25th of every month to prepare for the holidays and make progress on all aspects of planning and gift giving.

Spreadsheets: Update Your Christmas Notes

Look through your gift lists and spreadsheets. Did you write down all the details of the gifts you gave for Christmas? Did you write down how much they cost? Also, did you note the response you got from the recipient? If you didn’t take these notes, then now is the time to update this information so that when Christmas comes around you have accurate notes to refer to.

Budget: Contribute to Your Christmas Budget

Holiday spending puts a dent in everyone’s wallet but you don’t have to regret your purchases if you plan ahead. There are a few ways to get ahead of your Christmas budget. First, you can determine your per person budget, say $100/person or an overall budget, say $1,000 total, and put aside money each month. When November and December comes around your savings account is ready for the increased spending. Second, you can start your shopping early. Plan on buying one gift a month or more if you have a large list. So that all you have to worry about is the fun stocking stuffers at the end of the year.

Let’s call these two aspects of Christmas your homework for this month. Next month we’ll circle back and work on making progress in another area so you’re prepared for the end of the year.

Very Happy Planning!




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