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2022 Christmas in Review

Updated: Jan 4

It’s time to assess the season and take inventory. What worked, what didn’t this Christmas? It’s time to think through all the little parts that you didn’t have time to think about before Christmas. With gift shopping, decorating and all of the events of the season it’s tough to take stock of all the details but after the holiday you have a little less time and a little less stress.


Think about what gifts had the best and biggest reactions. Were they personalized? Were they expensive? Were they hand made? Was the gift purchased from a store, but it came with a personalized note? What made the greatest impact on your recipients?

This year, for my mother, I made a retro viewer from the custom gift guide with pictures of all of her kids (my siblings) and made a reel of pictures of us through the years. It was very sentimental and personal for her so she cried happy tears looking through the family memories.

When reviewing reactions like this I like to take note of how much the personalization really meant to her for future gifts. You need to mix it up, and every gift can’t be the same round up of photos but keeping in mind that these types of gifts really speak to my mom will help me for future gifts.


What did you learn about your family and friends that you didn’t know before? If you were lucky enough to spend time in person with your family this year, what did you learn about these people that you already know so well? Were there any new life events? Were there any new personal style updates? Any specific tastes that were revealed through your time together?

This year I found out that my brother really loves to eat out at restaurants. Now, I believe we all like a nice meal but he really enjoyed savoring his meals and describing them to the family as well as describing previous dishes he’s had before, in specific detail Maybe this is just a new anecdote but also it could lead to a great gift. Restaurant gift certificates, cooking classes, cookbooks etc.

Whether it’s a new home, a new baby, a new music artist or a new hobby, think about when someone said “oh I just love…” that is your chance to take note of the beginnings of a great gift!


Did you wish you had more time with your family this year? Did you wish you had more time to get organized? More time to shop? More time to wrap presents? Or more time to enjoy the holiday festivities?

If there was anything that set you back, make notes to help insure that you are on top of things next year. Add reminders to your calendar to get your tasks done early. You can add a monthly reminder on the 25th of every month to get one holiday item done. Whether it’s buy one gift a month, plan out a budget, take more time off from work etc. The only way to have more time for the holidays is to start earlier in the year, to give yourself more time.


Take a look around. Did you set the scene the way you wanted to? Did your Christmas tree have enough ornaments? Did you wish you had a fake tree instead of a real tree? Did you over decorate? Are you completely tired of a certain color scheme?

Take notes on what you want to change for next year. If the tree was in the wrong place, make a note. If the stockings weren’t big enough, make a note. If you want another front door wreath, make a note. Take advantage of the deep discounts on holiday décor after Christmas. Donate the items you didn’t use this year that you don’t think you’ll use next year.

Wrapping Paper

Take an inventory of the wrapping paper you have left over. Is it plentiful or has it dwindled after all that wrapping? Do you need more ribbon and bows? Again, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the deep discounts on wrapping paper and put them in your wrapping section for next Christmas or upcoming birthdays and celebrations.

Now is the best time to think about what you’ve learned this year to make next Christmas even better. It’s temping to throw in the towel on Christmas until next December but before you do, give it a little thought and take a few notes. For the items you don’t take immediate action on, put those notes in your calendar for next year, say around October 1st so you can get in gear early!

For more tips on reviewing the Christmas season, check out this post!

Very Happy Gifting!



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