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After Christmas Wrap Up

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! After Christmas I like to look back and reflect on the highs and lows and what I can improve on. What were the best presents of the season, who loved what and who’s reaction was a little lack-luster?

With all of this reflection, I found that the ascent from The Motley Fool published some interesting facts about Christmas gifting.

The average shopper buys presents for about eight different recipients.

I’m above average on this one. With my immediate family, my nieces and nephew, and my in-laws, not to mention my neighbors and co-workers I purchased gifts for twenty-seven people!

Women give gifts to far more recipients. Female respondents give gifts to an average of 9.44 recipients. Male respondents were way behind here, with an average of 6.67 gift recipients.

Comparatively, every man in my life, my husband, my father, brother and brothers in-laws The women of the house hold handle the gifting. In my house, my husband purchases my gifts and I shop for everyone else. For us, gif it is definitely my sweet spot and something that I love to do.

People are a bit more likely to buy presents for their pets than their friends

Well, people do love their pets and I’m no different, but this year I didn’t buy anything for my little guy, where I did buy my friends presents.

Baby boomers give gifts to the fewest recipients (of all currently adult generations)

I think this makes sense since the older you get, the closer you get to fewer people and those cherished friends and family members that have stayed in your life tend to get a gift or card during the holidays.

The Midwest is where the most gifts are exchanged

I guess I’m moving to the Midwest!

The average holiday budget is $708.03

If the average budget is $708 and if the average person buys gifts for about eight people then, I would surmise that the average cost per person is $88. Does that sound right for your gift recipients? And if so, do you buy one gift for approximately that amount or is it spread out over a few presents?

80% of consumers wrap presents themselves -- but only 69% think they're good at it.

Wrapping the present is the cherry on top to a well thought out gift!

Until next Christmas!



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