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How to Turn Wedding Appliances into Great Gifts

We all know the drill for wedding season, get the registry and stick to the registry! But sometimes you want to spice it up a little and if you want to make your registry purchase stand out from the rest, check out these gift ideas to make these fancy appliances extra special. Hey, you might even love these ideas so much you stray from the registry--gasp!

Smeg Toaster [with a Loaf of Bread]

This cute toaster is a great gift on it's own but if you really want to land your gift into legendary status, pair it with a loaf of bread and a card that says "Let’s toast to the happy couple! Wait, did I mess that up?" It's sweet and playful, perfect for a couple that loves to joke around.

Vitamix Blender [with a Fruit Basket]

For the unlikely couple I love giving the crème de la crème of blenders with a fruit basket to make their own delicious smoothie. Add a card that says "You two might be apples and oranges, but blended together you make a killer combination!"

KitchenAid Mixer [with Special Attachments]

Based on the type of food they like to make, pair this sought after mixer with the right attachments and card that says "The right mix of [bride's name here] and [groom's name here] with an ample dose of love and laugher will bake into the sweetest life together!"

Coffee maker [and Coffee]

A fancy coffee maker and coffee makes a great gift for any coffee drinker, but pair it with a cheeky card that says, "This is for those all nighters, wink, wink!" and it makes a great tongue and cheek wedding gift.

Dyson vacuum [with Special Attachments]

When it's time to clean house, a Dyson Vacuum is the perfect addition to their cleaning arsenal. Pair this vacuum with a sarcastic card that says, "Now that your love life doesn’t suck, this will!"

Wedding season is a blast, especially if you love love and wedding cake (me, me!). Enjoy this season with some great gifts for every happy couple on your list!

Very Happy Gifting!



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