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Gifts for Couples Without a Wedding Registry

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Spring is coming and with the warm weather comes the tulle, flowers and invitations to spring weddings. With all of this spring romance in the air it’s time to think about wedding gifts! Most couples have registries that makes it easy to get the happy couple what they want and need. But what about those couples that don’t have a registry? What about the couples that have been together forever and don’t need anything or the couple that is too hip for a registry? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

There is so much to celebrate on the wedding day! When all of the excitement wears down I love this gift because it gives them a lot to look forward each year while allowing them to be nostalgic about their big day. Fill this One Year, Five Year and Ten Year Anniversary Wine Box with their favorite wines or the wine they'll serve at their wedding to celebrate each year.

This show stopping bottle opener will spectacularly slice open any bottle, pair a nice bottle of champagne and you've got a great wedding gift! A nice bottle of champagne is a go to gift for any occasion but it's especially nice for a wedding because there is so much to toast to! By a "nice" bottle, I mean a bottle or a brand that is a bit above the the couple's normal price range for wine or champagne.

There are few moments in your life where you get to get dressed up and have a photographer take your picture. Give them the gift of capturing their future memories. A luxe picture frame and a gift certificate to a photographer, preferably their wedding photographer, will remind them that it's important to capture all the memories along the way and give them the opportunity to document their first anniversary, a new baby or a new home.

When it comes to gifting a couple that is close to your heart, you want to give them something special! That can be hard if they don't have a registry. These gifts are sure to touch their heart even without that precious gift list!

Very Happy Gifting!



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