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How to Make Wedding Registry Gifts Even Better

how to make wedding registry gifts even better

Wedding gifts are usually purchased off a registry, and when someone (or a couple) gives you a list of items that they specifically say they want, you should buy them something off that list! Okay, that's the end of the post-just buy off the registry... the end. Well, obviously that's not the end! Here are a few great ways to add to the most popular registry gifts.

Wedding Gift Addition:

Just Add Wine

wine or champagne bottle wedding gift idea

These popular registry items pair nicely with a nice bottle of wine or champagne. Add the couple's favorite bottle to their registry selection to make their wedding gift.

Pair with These Common Wedding Registry Items:

Decanter | Champagne Flutes and Glasses Sets | Automatic Bottle Opener


Wedding Gift Addition:

Just Add Food

grocery delivery gift card wedding gift idea

Nothing pairs better with kitchen appliances and accessories than food! Add in a grocery delivery service gift card with any of these common registry items to make the first use of their new item incredibly easy!

Pair with These Common Wedding Registry Items:

Pots and Pans | Waffle Iron | Blender | Kitchen Aid Mixer


Wedding Gift Addition:

Just Add Services

Maid cleaning services wedding gift idea

If the happy couple is merging households and adjusting to married life, pair helpful household services, like a maid or cleaning service, with these common registry items!

Pair with These Common Wedding Registry Items:

Robes | Bed Linen | Towel Sets

Help the happy couple celebrate their love and union with these great wedding gifts!

Very Happy Gifting!



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