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Gifts to Stay on Track with Resolutions

Ok, it’s the middle of January, how are you doing? Did you make any resolutions? Did you keep them?

According to statistics, “43% of all people expect to fail before February, and almost one out of four quit within the first week of setting their New Year’s resolution. Most people quit before the end of January, and only 9% see their resolutions through until succession.”

If you or someone you love need a little motivation to keep those new year’s resolutions then here are some gift options to keep going strong!

No. 1 Resolution: EXERCISE MORE

The top resolution is to exercise more. In order to do any activity more, you have to take any obstacles out of the way. That means if you have to wake up, change clothes and drive to the gym those are there things you have to do before you actually start exercising. Make things a little easier with this at home gym system. It looks so chic, it can be added to any living room without being an eyesore!

No. 2 Resolution: EAT HEATHIER

The second most common resolution is to eat healthier. Nothing spurs cooking inspiration like a new cookbook! Gift your favorite cookbook or a new one with great recipes. If you really want to make sure your recipient sticks to their resolution, give them a grocery store or Instacart gift card along with a cookbook. Want to take it one step further? Bookmark a recipe and give them all the ingredients so they have no more excuses to eat healthier.

No. 3 Resolution: SAVE MONEY

Finally, the third most common resolution is to save money. I love gifting cash so they can actually save the money you give them. But I also like to dive a little deeper into what the recipient is “wasting” money on.

Olive and June Manicure System Gift

Help them Save On: Manicures

Do they love monthly manicures but want to stop spending money at the salon? Gift them an at home manicure set paired with a gift certificate to their favorite salon so they get the best of both worlds!

Help them Save On: Candles

Do they have a small, ok a large candle obsession? Gift them this modern air freshener that is available in popular candle fragrances like Nest and Volcano.

Help them Save On: Coffee

Do the baristas at Starbucks know their order by heart? If they need to give the quick coffee a rest, gift them a fancy coffee machine that will make their daily starbucks pale in comparison to their at home coffee.

Help any recipient stay on track with their resolutions with these thoughtful gifts or or treat yourself to make sure your new year stays strong!

Very Happy Gifting!



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January is a month of reflection and action. How has the past year influenced your choices and changes for the upcoming year? These thoughts are probably affecting anyone you need to give a gift to this month, so think about what goals they are trying to achieve this year. The best gifts for them will help make their goals a reality!

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