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How to Give Cash as a Gift

For some gifts and giving situations, cash is king! Have you ever asked someone what they want for a gift and the answer is money? While grabbing a greeting card and adding in a few bills is easy, sometimes it can feel a little less personal then a gift you’ve chosen to give to them. To make the recipient happy and to help you give a personal gift, here are some great ideas on ways to give cash as a present!

Cash Bookmarks:

Find a great book that you know the recipient would benefit from or one that you’ve read and loved yourself and add cash bookmarks to point to great moments in the book.

Saving Money Situations:

Think of great places where someone can save money on a regular basis. Does your coffee addicted recipient need to save a little money by making coffee at home? Grab some bills and a coffee maker, French press, Keurig or thermos and make their day!

Needed Items with a Bonus:

Let’s think about the needs of our recipient. Do they need new clothes for a new job or do they need casual clothes for the weekend? Take this opportunity to add cash to any pockets on these items.

These are great ways to make the gift of cash a little more personal! For more ideas check out this post here!

Very Happy Gifting!



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