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Creative Money Gifts

For certain gifting occasions and certain age groups, cash is king. This is true for graduates who are moving on to the next step in school or the next chapter in their lives. Even though money might be the gift they want (and need) you want to spruce it up a little, it is after all a gift!

A Brand New Wallet (and then some)

One of my favorite gifts to give a graduate going off to school is what I call The Stuffed Wallet! This gift gives the recipient a brand new wallet but stuffs it with money and gift cards. To really go the extra mile, do a little research and see what food chains are on their new university campus. With a quick Google you can see if there is a Starbucks, Subway, Jersey Mike's, Domino's, Chipotle. They will be delighted to see that all of the gift cards you have gifted them can actually be used during an all day and all night study session! I love this Ridge Wallet for the sleek, minimal guy graduate. I love this Madewell Wallet for any girl graduate that also doubles as a wristlet for a night out with the addition of a key fob.

Money as Gift Wrap

If you’ve already got the perfect gift for your graduate but you want to add a little cash to their pocket, add a little cash as a cherry on top of the gift! No matter what gift you’ve gotten for your graduate you can create an origami cash bow. Use dollar bills, fives, tens, twenties, or even hundreds to create a cute bow. To create this bow I followed these steps here by to create this origami bow gift topper.

A (well fed) Piggy Bank

One thing that so many college kids have in common is that they wear clothes. Just kidding (well, I hope not!) but if they wear clothes, they will have to do laundry (I hope!). Laundry in most places requires quarters and it can be a hassle to make sure you have enough change to do all of your laundry. Run to the bank, or get a roll of quarters as cash back from your grocery store in quarters and fill a cute piggy bank with ample quarters for laundry. Some laundromats have upgraded to allow you to put money on a card, similar to a gift card, so go ahead and top off the piggy bank with a little green! I love this PIGZstore Etsy shop full of cute and modern piggy bank options!

How will you celebrate this year’s graduates? Could your graduate use a little cash-o-la? Do you have any other creative ideas to give money as a gift?

Very, Happy Gifting!



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