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Great Gifts for New Years Resolutions

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Happy New Year!

January is a month of reflection and action. How has the past year influenced your choices and changes for the upcoming year? These thoughts are probably affecting anyone you need to give a gift to this month, so think about what goals they are trying to achieve this year. The best gifts for them will help make their goals a reality! Here are some great gifts for common New Year’s Resolutions:

Resolution: Weight Loss

  • New sneakers and workout clothes: New gear can spark intention when it comes to working out, getting healthy and exercising. My favorite workout leggings are from Lululemon and Nike has great shoes for any workout type.

  • Class Pass or class gift certificate: Class pass is a great gift for someone who wants to start working out but doesn’t know what type of routine they'll enjoy. Class pass allows you to go to different classes and experience different exercises. On the other hand, if you know of a class that they are obsessed with, even better—then get them that class gift card like Soulcycle (LINK).

  • Gym Membership: Do you know what local gym they want to start going to? If so, you can get them a certificate to that gym.

Resolution: Eat Healthy

  • Grocery Delivery: A subscription to a grocery delivery service is a great gift to help any start eating right! It helps take the leg work out of getting healthy options in your fridge.

  • Grocery Gift Card: A grocery store gift card is also a great help to eating healthy!

  • Meal Delivery: Take all of the guess work out of healthy cooking and get them a meal delivery service. A meal delivery service exists for every type of diet plan.

Resolution: Get Organized

  • Moleskin Notebooks: I love a good notebook! Moleskine notebooks are chic, durable and come in so many colors. I especially like the digital version. Having one handy to write down great ideas, write down your to-do lists and keep you organized can help someone’s year get off to a great start.

  • Silk & Sonder: Silk and Sonder is a subscription service where you get one calendar planner notebook a month filled with inspirational quotes and motivation. Getting a monthly organizer can help anyone reignite their resolutions every month.

  • Monogrammed Desk Accessories: Help someone keep their desk organized with beautiful desk accessories.

Resolution: Read More/Learn Something New

These motivational books can inspire anyone to take charge of their life and go after their goals.

Resolution: Get Out of Debt and Save Money

  • Cash & Gift Cards: A little cash can help jump start someone's new year savings plan.

  • Coupon Book: Some local neighborhoods issue a book of savings that can help save money when cash gets tight.

  • Book of low cost ideas: When you're saving money it's easy to get a little stir crazy, so a DIY gathering of low cost activities can really come in handy! Include a pair of tickets to help them start an active BUT low cost series of events.

Resolution: Travel More

  • Airline Gift Card: An airline gift card is such a quick way to get someone thinking about where they want to go in the new year.

  • Where to go When book: This book lists great locations by month. It is such a cute gift to give someone who wants to travel, but doesn't know where.

  • Travel Document Holder: An elegant gift for someone who has already bought the tickets and is ready to go!

Resolution: Be Less Stressed/Self Care

  • Massage: Who wouldn't love a nice relaxing massage? Find a masseuse in your area and give them a little "me time".

  • Facial: A facial is a great way to make anyone feel refreshed in the new year.

  • Spa: Do you know someone who needs a full day of self care, buy a pass for a nearby day spa.

What are your resolutions this year? Would any of these gift ideas help you achieve them?





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