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Father's Day Gift Guide: Quality Time

Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re still searching for the right gift and a store bought item doesn’t feel quite right for your Dad, then here are some ideas on actions and ways to spend time with Dad to give as gifts.


If you’re having flashbacks to your childhood when you read the word “chores” then you’re not alone—I had a flashback just typing!


We all know that Dad would love a helping hand in the yard. Whether it’s mowing the lawn, mulching plants or weeding the flower beds, if your Dad takes pride in his yard, offer him a hand for the day! It wouldn’t hurt if you showed up with a six pack as well! But if you just can’t bring yourself to do another chore a gift certificate to a landscaper or paying a local company to cut Dad’s grass for the next month would also make a

great gift.

House Cleaning:

Help Dad get his house in order by cleaning up for him. Whether it’s the dishes, the bathroom, or mopping his floors, helping Dad clean up will go a long way. And if you’re not the cleaning type, maybe you outsource these tasks in your own home too, you can always gift a cleaning service gift certificate.

Car Cleaning:

If his four wheels are his pride and joy, give it a wash and wax so it is shining for his big day. If you want to go the extra mile, grab a vacuum and get in those crevices. If you can’t reach that extra French fry from two years ago that has fallen beyond your reach take it to a professional or have a local service come to Dad to detail his car.


Whether it’s food or drinks, a little quality time over anything edible is a perfect for a Father’s Day outing.


Dad’s got too eat, right? While it might be in the plans to take Dad to dinner on Father’s Day, think about taking some time to have a one on one Dad-Date with him. Food is love so treating Dad to a meal is a great gift on it’s own or in addition to any gift.


My Dad likes bourbon, and I’m pretty sure he’s not alone! Taking your Dad out for drinks is a great way to treat him to one of his earthly delights.


If your Dad likes a cigar every now and then, treat him to a night out a local cigar bar. Smoking might not be the healthiest treat, but for Father’s Day maybe you can make an exception and treat him to a cigar and a great conversation!


Your Dad might be more of an action guy, and if that’s the case then taking him out for a little competition might be a great idea for Father’s Day.


Take Dad out to swing the clubs for a fun Father’s Day. Whether it’s on the golf course for 9 or 18 holes or a fun round of Top Golf, an outdoor activity is a great way to honor Dad on his day.

Sports Game:

The only thing Dad would be more excited about than tickets to a game, would be tickets to see his favorite team. Grab a team jersey and treat your Dad to a great day out.


Spending time with Dad out on the calm water or on the dock to catch the big one (or maybe even a small one) is a great way to spend time with Dad on his day.

Have a great Father’s Day with your Dad doing whatever it is that makes him happy!


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