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Father's Day Gift Ideas for New Dads

New Dads have just started on their journey of parenthood and becoming even more of a support system of a new mom and a new growing family. New Dad’s are trying to keep it all together and contribute where they can to their new family and the new mom in their family.

Here are a few gift ideas to help them get acclimated to their new role.

For the new Dad that needs help organizing it all:

This hoodie has pockets for everything! Anything that a new Dad needs can be contained in this hoodie. Go the extra mile and fill it with a bunch of goodies like diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer and a pacifier.

For the Dad who can’t find anything

These Tile locator tags can be put on anything from a cell phone to a baby bottle and then tracked with an app on his phone. With a new baby, his mind is focused on more important things then were he left his car keys, help him out with these tags that keep track of it all.

For the Dad who is still a kid at heart:

I love this book for the Dad that is obsessed with comic books and all things Marvel! Give him a book that he will enjoy while he reads his newborn to sleep. To top it off, pair it with these matching socks for both the Dad and the new baby and you have a great gift.

For the Dad who is worried about germs

Having a new baby makes you very aware how many germs are on every surface, including your phone. If this new Dad has realized that he touches his phone numerous times a day and then touches his baby, or if he needs to have this realization, then Phone Soap is a great gift. Phone soap charges and sanitizes your phone with UV light so it is 99.99% germ free—great for the hands that also touch a baby!

Are any of these options a good fit for the new Dad in your life?

Very Happy Gifting!



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