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Christmas in July | Outdoor Enthusiast Gift Guide

For anyone who is enamored by the great outdoors, this gift guide will offer gift ideas perfect for all outdoor activities. Whether it's on land, on water, exercising or relaxing, these gifts will help anyone enjoy nature even more!


Maybe they don't love all the activities that the outdoors offers, maybe they love just BEING outdoors, if that is the case then this hammock is a great gift! Allow them to just BE outdoors.


Pair this relaxing hammock with an mug that will keep any beverage at the perfect

temperature regardless of the weather outside.

If looking up at the night sky holds a mysterious wonder for your recipient, then this book would make a great gift for the overnight camper or backyard observer!


This star finder would make a great gift pairing for this book.

Self Cleaning Larq Water Bottle

The outdoor lover needs to stay hydrated! This self cleaning water bottle cleans uses LED light to eliminate 99% of bio-contaminants from water. This is a great gift of clean water, on the go!


These scenic landscape stickers, made for water bottles, create landscape views on the circumference of the water bottle. Gift them a great views from anywhere!

National Park Notebooks

Whether it's to jot down a note in the office or out on a hike, these national park notebooks will keep track of his tasks in notebooks that remind him to get outside!


Pair these great notebooks with a snap-on pen, perfect for on the go note taking and attaching to any hiking backpack!

Bike helmet

For the biking enthusiast, get them this ultra sleek helmet to protect them on their rides while still letting them look like as stylish as can be!


If their AAA card doesn't work for flat tires on

their bicycle, pair this repair kit with their helmet

to prepare them for unforeseen events.

Cornhole set gift boards

If your recipient loves spending time in their backyard, then these cornhole boards are the perfect gift to add to the backyard setup! Painted with a great mountain scene, these will make their backyard seem as epic as a national park!


What cornhole set is complete with out bean bags? Complete their gift with a set of these tossing bags.

Pool Floating Lounger

For the recipient with a pool paradise in their backyard, treat them to this fun lounger to keep them afloat through the entire summer.


Pair this inflatable gift with a healthy portion of sunscreen to keep them protected by the pool!

Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit is a great accent to any backyard with enough space for an outdoor gathering!


These delicious s'mores are the perfect pairing for this outdoor stove!


For the camper that likes a spirited camping trip, this thermos will keep it's contents hot or cold for hours.


A great pairing for this thermos is, of course, a bottle of their favorite spirit to fill their container with!

Building fires book

For the outdoor enthusiast that might need a little help with the essential skills, gift them this book that will help them build a fire in any situation!


When they get that fire going, these campfire games will be great entertainment!

Any of these gifts would be perfect for the outdoor enthusiast! Whether their ideal day is camping in a national park or relaxing in their backyard, you can find them a great gift!

Very Happy Shopping!



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