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Great Stores to Shop in Advance: REI

This collection of stores to shop in advance offer the best return policies that allow you to shop and buy gifts for your family and friends in advance.

REI offers a wide variety of outdoor gear and accessories perfect for so many people of your gift list! These gifts are great for the guys in your life, great friends and any outdoor lover know. With their great return policy you can shop in advance for the outdoors devotee in your life.

REI's Return Policy:

We stand behind everything we sell. If you're not satisfied with your REI purchase, you can return it for a replacement or refund within one year of purchase -- except for outdoor electronics, which must be returned within 90 days of purchase. Outdoor electronics include activity monitors, GPS-enabled devices, bike trainers, emergency-communication devices, and cameras. For full policy see the retailer’s return policy.

1. O U T D O O R A T T I R E G I F T S:

REI sells some of the top names in outdoor attire so this is a great place to score some jackets and sweaters that will be great gifts when the weather gets cold. Get the latest and greatest gear to keep them comfortable on their outdoor excursions. I love these pieces from the top names in recreational clothing.

Left to right:

So how do you make a jacket or sweatshirt a great gift? You fill the pockets! put in a gift card for an activity where they will use the jacket (national parks pass, bike rentals, paddle board rental, ski lift tickets etc.). A quick google search of an activity in your local area will yield a bunch of ideas. The more goodies you can put in those pockets, the better!

Left to right:

Another way to add some surprises to the pockets of I love putting in a gift card to their favorite outdoor store so they can get some more accessories to add to your gift!


2. C H I L L G I F T I D E A S :

REI also sells great coolers for packing food into outdoor activities. Giving a very trendy and premium Yeti Cooler is a great gift for any guy that loves a backyard event, picnics or tailgating.

Left to right:

Pairing these cool coolers with a few beverages would be a great added bonus to the gift. And what do most guys keep in their cooler? Beer, of course!

Left to Right:

Add some of their favorite beers to their cooler to make the perfect gift. If you know their brand of choice, that's great! Otherwise you can give them some new brands to explore with beer from Give Them Beer or the Craft Beer Club.


3. M A R S H M A L L O W R O A S T I N G F O R K S :

I love this gift for anyone who loves s'mores, ok so that is everyone! This is a great gift for kids that are old enough to make s'mores on their own or with the supervision of an adult. For anyone who lives in a warmer climate year round this gift is even great to use around a fire pit at home.

Marshmallow Roasting Forks

And what does well with roasting forks? The marshmallows you roast them with and everything you need to make the world's greatest s'mores, which make these kits the perfect pairing.

Left to right:

S'mores over an open fire can be a great way to cozy up in the colder months as well as making a great evening on a summer night.

Any of these gifts would be great for any outdoors enthusiast, REI has something for any activity! With their great return policy you can shop in advance and not feel hesitant about the purchase.

Very Happy Gifting!




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