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Women's Gift Guide


The lovely ladies in your life deserve the best this holiday season! Get inspired by these great gift ideas for any women on your list this year. Whether there is a beauty lover in your life, a kitchen curator, or a wellness driven woman--this women's gift guide has we've got you covered!



Whether they are obsessed with beauty all around or have an affinity for fragrance, bath and body, hair or makeup, there's something for everyone on this gift guide!

Women's Gift Guide Luxury Fragrance Set

This beautiful collection of Dior fragrances makes the perfect gift for the fragrance lover or someone in search of their next new favorite fragrance. To collect, share or keep for yourself, these fragrance miniatures illustrate the bold and free olfactory world of Dior.

Women's Gift Guide Hair Growth Serum Set

Perfect for the girl striving for a #GoodHairDay everyday, this growth serum will give those baby hairs a boost!

Women's Gift Guide Pillowcase Set

A silk pillowcase is perfect for the beauty lover but also anyone that wants to cut time out of their morning routine since it helps reduce frizz.

Women's Gift Guide Vented Hair Brush

A great tool for a blowout, this vented hair brush allows air to easily flow through the hair.

Women's Gift Guide Bubble Bath

This gift makes the perfect bath-side accessory next to any tub!

Women's Gift Guide Oval Makeup Brush Set

These makeup brushes are perfect for the girl that takes applying her makeup as seriously as an artist to their canvas.

Women's Gift Guide Custom Lip Color

This custom lip color maker is a bit of a splurge but offers so many different colors all in one container.

Women's Gift Guide Mable Body Brush

This body brush will give any recipient super soft skin and look great in any bathroom with it's marble top.

Women's Gift Guide Theraface Pro Facial Device

A percussive facial device to help with tension and pain, to deep cleansing, to microcurrent and LED therapies. This comprehensive device saves time while creating healthier, firmer, brighter skin.

Women's Gift Guide Marble Beauty Tray

Every beauty product collector needs a really pretty tray to show off her collection. From lipsticks to perfumes, everything looks better on this marble tray!

Women's Gift Guide Dyson Airstrait Hair dryer straightener

The next new hair tool from Dyson that uses hot air to straighten the hair.

Women's Gift Guide LED Beauty Face Mask

This full-face mask combines the power of 100 LED lights in red mode and 62 LED lights in blue mode to smooth wrinkles, firm skin, diminish discoloration, and clear mild to moderate acne.

Beauty Gift Pairing Ideas:

So many great gift ideas for the beauty lover! All of these make great gifts but they can also be paired together! If one gift is good, two gifts are great! If you want to spoil your recipient pair two of these great gifts together:




This section of the women's gift guide rounds up gifts that are great for any chef, or anyone who has a microwave that just wants a good looking kitchen!

Women's Gift Guide Metal Trivet

Perfect for the hostess, these trivets are a beautiful addition to any table, while protecting a tablecloth or wood finish.

This would be great paired with a piece of aesthetic cookware.

Women's Gift Guide Oil Cruet

This chic way to store olive oil will look great on any counter or paired with a warm baguette!

Women's Gift Guide

This is a great gift for the aesthetic chef that wants an elegant place to rest their cooking utensils!

Women's Gift Guide Restaurant Log Book

The perfect way to keep track of their tried and true restaurants. This log book makes a great gift for anyone that loves trying and recommending new restaurants!

Try pairing this with a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or a new place they are dying to try.

Women's Gift Guide Salt and Pepper Mills

Add a touch of brass to their counter tops with these European salt and pepper mills!

Women's Gift Guide Olive Oil and Vinegar Sampler

A yummy sampler set of great tasting kitchen necessities.

Women's Gift Guide Nut Milk Maker

For the non-dairy drinker, this nut milk maker is perfect for making their own milk from the nut of their choice!

Women's Gift Guide Crystal Treats

For the unique palette, these Japanese treats are a great gift for the hostess and are sure to be a crowd pleaser for any foodie!

Women's Gift Guide Butterfly Beaded Placemat

This beautiful beaded placemat is a gorgeous way to set any table!

Women's Gift Guide Croissant Candle

If you know someone that loves the smell of fresh baked pasties (and who doesn't) then this candle is a cheeky way of gifting the French bread in a low-carb way.

Try pairing this candle with a coffee candle for a breakfast duo when there's no time for brunch!

Women's Gift Guide Bread Basket with Warming Stone

Whether it's bread, muffins or rolls this basket is a great way for your baker to present their very best bakes!

Women's Gift Guide Bread Baker's Notebook

This notebook is perfect for the girl that went sourdough crazy during the pandemic and is still going strong in her new found hobby!

Kitchen Curator Gift Pairing Ideas:

If one gift is good, two gifts are great! If you want to spoil your recipient pair two of these great gifts together:




Whether she regularly cares for herself or needs a little hint to take a little more time out for herself, these gifts will make sure she's well taken care of!

Women's Gift Guide Floral Candle

A big beautiful candle is not only beautiful on any vanity but lighting a candle sets a relaxed mood for any wellness woman!

Women's Gift Guide Stacked Yoga Mat

This foldable workout mat is great for adding extra support and padding to areas that need extra comfort and support. This would make a great gift for any fitness femme fetale!

Women's Gift Guide Handmade Slippers

These beautiful velvet slippers come in a few colors and make downtime a little more glam.

Women's Gift Guide Pretty Flower Mug

These mugs are beautiful vessels for any tea time ritual for a selfcare routine.

Women's Gift Guide Flower Tea Sticks

These pretty teas use the flower itself to create different flavors, allowing you to drink high-quality tea while looking at the beautiful flowers blooming from the stem.

Women's Gift Guide Tartan Blankets

These bright blankets are the perfect cozy gift to put anyone in a great mood!

Women's Gift Guide Magnesium Powder

Gifting this supplement powder is like gifting relaxation itself! This calming powder is great for sleep, mood and brain health.

Women's Gift Guide Heated Scarf

For warmth and wellness, this heated scarf is great for the cold days whether you're inside our outside.

Women's Gift Guide Queen of Hearts Sweatshirt

Whether she's the queen of your heart or the queen of everyone's heart (mom), this cozy sweatshirt will make her feel loved and when she slips on this soft sweatshirt she'll choose self-love as well!

Sherpa Slides

These cozy Birkenstocks are the perfect way to walk in wellness. For the one who loves to be cozy, these comfy slides are elevated with a shiny gold colored buckle.

Women's Gift Guide Soft Socks

These neutral socks are the perfect go-tos for cold weather, cozy days and nights!

Women's Gift Guide Cashmere Slippers

These cashmere ballet flats are a great gift for anyone that loves classic style. Their sleek and minimal style also makes them great for travel!

Self Care and Wellness Pairing Gift Ideas:

If one gift is good, two gifts are great! If you want to spoil your recipient pair two of these great gifts together:


Wishing you very happy shopping for the ladies in your life and I hope you found some great gift ideas off of this women's gift guide! If you're still looking for great gift ideas, check out our gift guide page.

Very Happy Gifting!




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