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Gift Guide for the Foodie

Foodie Gift Guide

While all foodies love food, these gifts fall into three categories based on their preferred experience of eating and food preparation. Restaurant lovers enjoy a night out and a dining experience. Takeout lovers enjoy a cozy night in with their taste buds going all out. And cooks and chefs love to give that experience to anyone sitting at their dining table. These gifts are great for the recipient that might be one, two or all three of these categories!

Foodie Gifts For Restaurant Lovers

For anyone who loves to eat out and make great reservations, this section of the gift guide is for them! Whether they know all the best spots or are always looking for recommendations, these gifts are for the friend who is always the first to suggest dinner, drinks, lunch or brunch!

Foodie Gift Idea Restaurant Gift Certificate

Restaurant Gift Certificate

This one may seem obvious but getting your recipient a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant is a great gift! Or if they’re the adventurous try or get them a gift certificate to a restaurant they’ve been dying to try or has yet to get on their radar.


Food Gift Idea Restaurant Journal

For the friend who always has the best restaurant reccos, this journal will allow them to keep track of all the tasty adventures they’ve had! This journal would also pair well with a restaurant gift certificate to make the gift even better!


Foodie Gift Ideas Restaurants that changed America book

If your recipient loves food, restaurants and the history of the restaurant landscape this book is a great gift for them. It also might tempt them to put a few more hot spots on their list!


Foodie Gifts for Takeout lovers

For anyone who loves Netflix and noodles, Hulu and hamburgers, Disney+ and dumplings, this laid back diner is all about a relaxed experience. These gift ideas will help them stay in while still enjoying all the foods they love!

Foodie Gift Ideas Food Delivery Gift Card

Again this one may seem like a no brainer but if some one loves delivery then this is exactly what they want! Pick their favorite delivery app of choice whether it's Uber eats, DoorDash or Grubhub, they will enjoy a great meal at home, on you!


Foodie Gift Idea Fly By Jing Sichuan Chili Sauce Set

The benefit of dining at home is having all the condiments at your disposal! If you want to add soy sauce to your pizza or mayonnaise to your French fries, you have an entire fridge of condiments waiting for your creations. This trending topping is the perfect addition to their takeout order!


Foodie Gift Idea Goldbelly Meals

Gift your recipient something unique and different. Give them a meal from any of Gold Belly's vendors so they can enjoy something from anywhere in the world from places that have honed their craft. Get them pizza from Chicago, get them barbeque from Texas or Lobster rolls

from Maine!


Chefs and Cooks

This group loves to prepare a culinary experience for their guests. They take pride in the food they create and love to show it off! Here are some great gift ideas for this group of kings and queens in the kitchen.

Foodie Gift Idea Olive Oil Set

The best basics make the best meals so an elevated olive oil makes the perfect starting point for any meal.


Foodie Gift Idea Personalized Recipe Book

For the cook or chef who makes great dishes but can never replicate them, gift them this personal recipe book so they can write down their steps and hopefully pass down their secrets!


Foodie Gift Idea Live Herb Chef's Wreath

This pretty kitchen wreath features usable spices for any dish! This wreath works as great decor, but decor that is also tasty--that's a bonus!

These gift ideas will keep any foodie's plate full! Merry Christmas in July!

Very Happy Gifting!




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