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Food Gifts to Ship

If you're traveling for the holidays it can be hard to contribute to big festive meals. To lend a helping hand while avoiding an extra airline ticket for your precious pecan pie, let these recommendations help you look like you spent hours in the kitchen, without having to commandeer someone else's kitchen while traveling. And if you're not the cooking type, you can order these delicious dinner delights without having to figure out how your oven works!


When it comes to holiday meals, we all know they take all day to make! I mean ALL DAY! So what does everyone do while hanging around the house for hours before dinner gets done? We snack! Help your hostess by bringing tasty snacks to last all day so she doesn't have to hear "I just want a taste" while cooking up a crave worthy dinner.



Oh the sides! The sides make the dinner. I for one, could make a meal out of the sides but I know they take work so pitch in by order these sides in advance.



The piece de resistance, saving the best for last, the time has finally come... and all the other phrases that I'm SURE were written about dessert and no other topic at all! For me, my favorite dessert phrase is "The more the merrier!" Yes, in case you didn't know, that phrase is about dessert and when it comes to holiday desserts you can't have just one--pie, cake and cookies are ALL required!

I hope those shippable food gift ideas help get you, or at least your stomach, ready for the holidays! Order these gifts to help your hostess with their meal and order soon so they arrive in time for dinner!

Very Happy Gifting!





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