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Gift Guide for the Traveler

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Travel Gifts for the Traveler

Merry Christmas in July! For the first guide this July, we're gifting travelers! While this group of gifts is perfect for Christmas in July gift ideas for seasoned travelers and business travelers but it's also great for anyone who is embarking on a summer vacation.

Travel Bags Make Great Travel Gifts

A new travel bag makes a great gift for any frequent traveler that is always on the go. Add to their airport style with a bag that will look great atop their carry on luggage!

Travel Bag Travel Gift Dagne Dover Carry All

This soft sided bag is a great addition to any luggage collection. The soft sides allows for flexibility and stretching, so you can add in a few extra essentials. Available in many colors, pick your recipient's favorite for a great gift!


Travel gift travel bag cuyana weekender bag

This elegant bag is a great gift for the business traveler. The neutral color pairs perfectly with any professional outfit and adds a refined touch to any travel ensemble for an overnight trip or slid over luggage handles in the airport.


Travel Gift July Volume Plus Weekender Travel Bag

This larger tote is a great gift for any traveler. It fits so much and it's no frills aesthetic is perfect for the male traveler that loves a simple larger compartments to just shove their items into a bag versus multiple small pockets.


Travel Gift Hat Carrying Tote Bag Travel Bag

For the vacation traveler who knows sun protection is of the utmost importance, on any beach, or anywhere, this tote lets your recipient bring their hat on any trip!


Hair and Body Care Travel Gifts

Keeping your self care routines while on the road can be challenging but these gifts make hair and body care easier on any traveler!

Hair and body care travel gifts pillow case sleeve

With two open ends, this pillowcase fits any sized hotel pillow. A great gift for someone who loves clean travel and cautious of staying healthy; bringing your own pillow case is a great travel hack. It also calms frizz, making hair care a bit easier. Sleeping on a familiar pillowcase also reduces the risk of pesky travel breakouts.


Solid Body Care Bars

For the carry on traveler, liquids are always a challenge. Solid body care eliminates the need for additional liquids in any TSA approved carry on container. These soap, exfoliating body wash and lotion bars will help your recipient pack the perfect carry on bag while still limiting their liquids.

These bars keep liquids to minimum in any carry on bag. Gift these luxe bars for a great gift together or as stocking stuffers for any traveler.


Solid Hair Care Bars

So much thought goes into how many hair care items a traveler can fit within TSA carry-on liquid restrictions. With these solid hair care bars, you can fit so much more without going over the liquid limit!

Left: Hair Treatment | Center: Shampoo | Right: Conditioner

These bars will keep your recipient's hair looking great while keeping their luggage light!


Travel Gift Cadence Containers travel set

For the liquid items that need air tight storage, this Cadence storage set keeps everything contained! From liquids to pills to jewelry, this versatile set makes traveling with your necessities so much easier. This set makes a great gift on its own or fill the containers will little surprises to make this travel gift extra special.


Clothing Travel Gifts

Packing clothing items takes the most energy before a trip. Gift your recipient some great pieces that will make the perfect addition to any trip!

Travel Gifts Clothing Gifts for Travelers

Even if your recipient is traveling to a warm destination they will still have to battle the cold air on the airplane and blasting air conditioning, or cool night air once they reach their final location. Give them a chic layer that will always come in handy on any trip.


Travel Gifts Packable Hat

Keeping the sun off your face is a great reason to pack a hat, but not crushing it in your bag can be a challenge. Packable hats help solve that issue, giving your recipient the ability to fold and unfold the hat without it looking crumpled.


Travel Gifts Neutral sneakers

It can be tough to look stylish and comfortable, especially when going to a destination that requires a lot of walking! These sneakers will have anyone covered from the hotel gym to the city sights!

These gifts will set any traveler up for a successful trip!

Very Merry Christmas in July!





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