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Why I Love Sharing Gift Ideas

The month of love is a great time to reflect on the people and things that you love that bring you joy! For me, gifting brings me so much joy. I spend so much time researching the best gifts for my loved ones. I truly love the reaction I get when I’ve found the perfect gift for someone. Tears of joy, jumping with excitement or being stunned to silence are all my gift giving goals!

As adults we can get jaded about gifts. Our expectations are usually low since it’s our job to buy gifts for everyone else but low expectations are great for surprising people with the perfect gift! The joy a great gift brings is "my why". Since I am doing so much research on great gifts I share these ideas on this site so that everyone can make someone feel that good!

Gift giving is my love language so it’s important to me to give a great gift. That doesn't necessarily mean spending a ton of money if the best gift is low priced but it might mean budgeting for a big gift or going in with a larger group for the perfect gift. It also means having more conversations with my friends and family and listening to their needs and wants and taking notes. It also means always keeping an eye out at stores and online for great gift ideas.

Not everyone is going to have the time or energy to keep gift giving on their mind all the time, but since it’s my favorite thing to do, I love sharing it with you!

Thank you for reading!

Very Happy Merry



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