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When Two Gifts Are Better Than One

The best part about weddings is watching two separate people become one family! Here are some great wedding gift ideas that allow them to each have their own gift while being part of a matching family!

When it’s time to get cozy in the evening or when it’s time to drag yourself out of bed to the coffee maker in the morning, a luxe robe is the perfect ensemble! A matching pair of robes makes the transition from honeymoon life to real life nice and smooth.


If this wedding not only symbolizes the union on two families but also literally creates the union of two households—his and hers—then key chains to their new home would make a great gift.


Cheers to a life together! These mugs will encourage simple moments together from enjoying morning coffee to after dinner tea.


For the couple that plans to travel together beyond the honeymoon, a personalized pair of luggage tags will send the couple on their way, in the best way!

Wedding season is a blast, especially if you love love and wedding cake (me, me!). Enjoy this season with some great gifts for every happy couple on your list!

Very Happy Gifting!



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