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Very Happy Monthly Buys: Best Finds of January

This month’s top finds have help me keep up with the goals that I set at the beginning of the year.

1. Water Bottle

This water bottle has time markings so it encourages you to drink water throughout the day. It has definitely helped me drink more water throughout the day, even if I’m not always on time with every day’s water consumption, it still helps me to look at the bottle, see that I’m late and drink more at that time. Whether I drink water on time throughout the day, or I notice I’m late and I drink more water than I would anyway, it’s a win-win!

2. Food Scale

I wanted a food scale so I could adequately measure how much food I was eating. This scale allows you to weigh your meals and snacks so you know how much you are eating. When paired with a food tracking app like My Fitness Pal you can get a better understanding of how much food is actually consumed, whether it be vegetables, pot roast or cake.

3. Moleskine Notebooks

At the beginning of the year we always look for ways to get organized. Well I have found that throughout the year, Moleskine Notebooks keep me organized. I like the moleskin professional notebook because it has spaces for everything! You can use it as a bullet journal, a daily planner or a monthly calendar. I use it to plan out each day. I can write out the date, the top few items for that day and my schedule. I like that you can write everything out because, while I schedule most days, I don’t schedule every single day. So if I miss a day, I don’t waste an entire page in my notebook.

I hope these items help you keep track of your goals this year as well! These items would make great gifts by themselves or pair them up! Adding a water bottle and food scale to a gym bag would make a great gift for anyone looking to stay healthy.



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