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Updated and Unique Fall Wreaths

I wanted to find wreaths that weren't your grandmother's wreaths, if you know what I mean! Fall is a season to celebrate and decorate, but if you're looking to decorate with updated, modern decor you might have a hard time finding something unique and beautiful. So if you're looking for fall decor that is updated and modern, look no further. Well look at this post, but then... look no further!

This hand-crafted wreath made from deep green moss, sponge mushroom

s, and twists of grapevine, creates an organic, unique beauty--a perfect compliment for earthy fall decor.

This modern meets bohemian fall wreath is the perfect decor touch if you love black + white. This wreath is a statement piece that will get noticed on any door!

This wreath has a wildflower air of relaxed elegance. Gathered wispy stems are assembled for an ethereal yet textured look, making this wreath stunning on any door, even vaguely reminiscent as a flower crown.

Foraged branches, seed pods, stems, berries, and other dried bota

For a true fall feeling this wreath embraces cotton buds and golden grasses for prairie themed decor.

Asymmetrical balance meets organic beauty with dried foliage accented on a metal frame. Hang this stunner with flowers to the side or on the bottom for equally balanced options.

Branches arranged with natural golden accents makes this wreath a true spectacle of the fall season. Warm oranges and browns, are highlighted with small white flowers makes this a breathtaking autumn accent.

This wreath makes the transition in decor, from fall to winter, an easy one. Fall forest finds of branches, pine cones and cotton buds are delicately dusted with white faux snow signaling the arrival of the winter cold.

Any of these wreaths would be beautiful enough to gift or to get for the fall! If you're looking to add even more fall flair to your home check out this post.

Very Happy Gifting!




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