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Modern Fall Decor

I obviously get really into celebrating the holidays but seasonal changes also offer another way to celebrate. I love the changing of the seasons! When summer starts to turn to fall and the leaves change, I want to make my indoors as beautiful as the outdoors.

For my décor items I like to put out items that will last me all the way through Thanksgiving. This way I can enjoy it for longer and get more use out of it. But I try to strike a balance between changing out my entire home and adding seasonal accents. Christmastime is excluded from this statement, Christmas is the one time to go all out, for me anyway!

Here’s a few things I do and buy to put me in the fall mood:

Fall Scents
  • I like to change my cleaners with the season. When the fall scents come out, I buy a couple bottles to keep in my house so that the scent of fall is everywhere when I do my daily tidying up. I love the Fall Mrs. Meyers Collection of cleaners.

  • I also love to swap out my soaps for the fall. These leaf soaps are great for the fall and make a great fall gift! They are single leaf soaps so you grab one leaf and wash your hands! I love this leaf shape and this one layered together!

  • I buy a few fall candles and I like candles that have a pretty container that can be reused and fit into my normal décor. A few clean candle brands are Brooklyn Candles and PF Candle Co, and both have a seasonal selection of pumpkin and cinnamon scented candles.

Fall Visuals
  • I change out my flowers to a fall feeling arrangement. I add browns and fall tones to my arrangements which are usually mostly white.

  • I love dried naturals as well. Pinecones are great (especially scented with cinnamon), as well as cattails and driftwood. Driftwood is beautiful, natural and can be appropriate for so many seasons! Raw wood is lovely in the spring and dusted with a little fake snow, I can see it working for winter as well.

  • Oh, and let’s not forget about pumpkins! I love white pumpkins, real or fake will work but I prefer real pumpkins and then I use them to cook with or carve and save on storage space!

  • Fall has a cozy feeling associated with it so I love to amp up that vibe where I can. I add soft, cozy blankets to the sofa and chairs and keep extra blankets in baskets for anyone who gets cold.

  • I also like to bring out the sheepskin rugs and drape them around so that everything has a soft touch to it! Here are two versions of these sheepskin rugs, a high end version and one at a great price point.

My goal with seasonal decorating is to try to put out lovely festive items that are seasonally appropriate and useful! What are your favorite items to decorate with for Fall?



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