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Travel Entertainment

While traveling, and I mean the actual travel part of traveling, you need to keep yourself entertained. It's exciting to be flying to an island vacation but you need a distraction on a flight that could take several hours. Similarly if you're headed on a road trip then the excitement felt in the first hour on the road will dwindle down soon after you hit the highway. Here are a few of my favorite travel distractions from entertainment to snacks!


You need a variety of entertainment to keep the boredom at bay while traveling. Here are my recommendations for an entertaining ride!


If you're going to stay entertained you're going to need the appropriate tech pieces!


You can always stop by any fast food restaurant in an airport terminal or on the road you can swing through a drive through, but sometimes you want a healthy option!


It's easy to forget your skin while you're traveling, but remember all that sunlight is hitting your skin through the car windows and the cabin windows on an airplane so take care of it!

These are great add-ons to a road trip packing list and would make a perfect gift all put together in a road trip necessities bag! All that's left to do now is create a great playlist and get on the road!

Very Happy Gifting!


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