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Thank You Gifts from Travelers

Staying with family and friends can be a real treat when you're traveling! Not only do you get to save a little money but if your Mom is anything like mine, then you get breakfast in bed too! Ok, well maybe not everyday but at least the first day of a trip. Or maybe they've let you use their car while you're in town or offered their babysitting services.

All of these kind gestures deserve a big thank you at the end of your trip! I've rounded up a bunch of gifts that are a small token of your gratitude and are small enough to fit in your suitcase.

If your stay was a delightful experience and made your travel so sweet, don't keep that information to yourself. Show your gratitude to your host with these thank you candies!


If you slept well, make sure your host sleeps well too! This silk sleep set is a luxurious thank you that might just land in their guest room for your next stay.


If your host's home is the must see destination in their city then let them know! Did you have a great time in their pool, at a barbeque in their yard, or playing games in their basement--then the local hotel has nothing on them!

Grab these the next time you stay at someone's house or crash on a couch, if these gifts don't get you a return invite then nothing will! If you need more travel related gifts check out this post and this post here.

Very Happy Gifting!





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