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Spring Gifts for Travelers

Here are some great gift ideas for the traveler in your life. Lately it has been especially rough for travelers. For those used to traveling multiple times a year for business or those looking forward to their annual vacation, schedules were thrown into a tailspin! These gifts will help any traveler see the light at the end of the tunnel and look forward to this year’s travel.

This carry-on is my personal favorite piece of luggage! With an optional included battery, your traveler can glide through the airport with 360 degree wheels while charging your phone. The hard outer shell compresses clothes so they can pack more! This suitcase is the perfect marriage of form and function.

If your traveler is missing a specific location then these candles are a great reminder of their beloved destination. These would also be great gift to give to any family member that you couldn’t visit this year. Send them your city’s candle with a sweet “wish you could be here” note.

For any traveler who wants to keep up their great dental hygiene while on the road, this is a great stocking stuffer! This vibrating toothbrush is thin, sleek and battery operated so they don’t have to pack a bulky charger!

This is a great gift for the jetsetter who is also home décor obsessed! Not only does this book look great as a coffee table book but it has great design tips including what to buy while abroad and how to showcase any prized souvenirs!

Is your recipient an organized traveler? Or do they want to be an organized traveler? Then gift them these beautiful cases to keep everything in it’s proper place. I love that these are clear so that you can actually see what’s inside without opening everything up just to peek inside.

Question: when you’re on your way to an beach getaway, how do you pack your straw hat? Answer: Use Top Tote’s hat clip! Because there are times when you don’t want to wear a hat on the plane, this ingenious little hat magnet clip allows you to attach it to your suitcase or purse.

I’ve already professed my love for the Away Luggage brand, so it’s easy to see why I love this mini hard case. This little case is perfect for protecting your toiletries from getting smooshed and then leaking all over your bag. Add in a few beauty trinkets like hand cream and hand sanitizer for a great gift! This also works great to protect any tech gear that your recipient is traveling with. Packing a backup battery or portable hard drive inside this hard case alleviates any worries about anything pressing down on them.

For some people, they casually spritz on perfume and for others, perfume is a religion. If your traveler loves perfume, this refillable atomizer allows them to take their favorite fragrance with them on the go!

Jewelry completes an outfit, and shouldn’t be ignored on a trip! This luxurious leather case organizes jewelry and helps prevent then tangled mess that can happen when removing your jewelry from a plastic bag when traveling.

Sleeping away from home can be hard. This luxurious silk mask covers the eyes to block out light and covers the ears to help block out sound. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to sleep on a plane or at their destination.

These beautiful city guides will suggest great locations in your destination but will also look great at home. These hardcover cream books will look great as home accessories while your recipient is planning their next trip!

These are on my Christmas list! Luxurious organization is the name of the game when it comes to traveling. These elegant cord wraps keep cords tidy and in place while you’re traveling. Pair these with number seven for a great kit for organizing travel technology and cords.

I hope that this list gave you great ideas for any traveler on your list or great additions to your suitcase for your next trip!

Very Happy Gifting!




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