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The Theory of Wrapping

There are a few ways to think about gift wrap. I think of it as the best part! Crafting the shell that holds your well thought out gift is just as important as the gift inside!

Neutral Colors

I love neutral colors, so generally my go-to is craft paper in natural, black or white. I find that you can make a great statement with solid neutral gift wrap when all the other packages have ornate patterns and shapes. I also find that I can go over the top with ways to decorate these simple papers that still looks fun and elegant. These neutral papers also mean that you can add different ribbons for different occasions, all with the same color papers.

Consistent Palette

Regardless of the color, a consistent color palette can look lovely under a Christmas tree or on a gift table. Going for a “white Christmas” theme? Then using the same colors of white papers with a few white patterned papers and silver bows and accents will really create the esthetic you’re going for.

Gift by Color

Another method is to wrap the presents based on the recipient. Does your niece love purple? Then you can give her a theme of her very own! She will get different kinds of purple wrapping paper for Christmas, Birthdays, Graduations etc. This will add to the excitement when she sees all the gifts in her color paper or ribbon and know that they belong to her. If you're going to go with a personalized theme, I suggest noting this in a way that you will remember as the years and occasions go by.

Any of these methods also help maximize your ever dwindling roll of wallpaper! How do you choose the perfect gift wrap?




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