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Graduation Gift Wrapping Ideas

Graduation Gift Wrapping Ideas

It's the season for graduations! For so many students across the country, one door is closing and another is opening! And if you're celebrating a new graduate's accomplishments with a gift, these wrapping ideas will amp up the excitement for your present.


Graduation Gift Wrap Idea: Newspaper as Wrapping Paper

Graduation Gift Wrapping Ideas Newspaper

If you have the time to grab a newspaper on the date of their graduation, wrapping their present with the date of their graduation showing on top would make a nice touch to any graduation gift.


Graduation Gift Wrap Idea: Use their School Colors

Graduation Gift Wrapping Ideas School Colors

Wrap their present with paper and ribbon that coordinates with the colors from the school they're leaving or their new school they're headed to in the fall. Both color combinations will commemorate the day in a special way.


Graduation Gift Wrap Idea: Wrap with a Tie

Graduation Gift Wrapping Ideas Tie

For the gentleman that is moving from academia to start the first chapter of their new career, wrapping his present with a tie will help signify the next chapter in his life!

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