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Grad Gifts on Lock

Graduation Gifts

Graduation is a momentous occasion! Closing one door and opening another is an exciting time in any graduate's life. If your graduate is headed off to college and living away from home, in a dorm room with a new roommate there's always a little anxiety about merging new spaces with new faces. Will they be a good roommate, will they eat my food, will my stuff be safe when I'm at class?

With these gifts, there is at least one fear you can put to rest! These safe storage gifts hide and secure their precious items in a shared space, ranging in levels of security from hidden storage to biometric lock and key.

Safe Storage Gift Idea: Empty Book Stash Box

For items that should be out of sight and out of the mind of any roommate, this simple box masquerades as a dense, information packed book on an unintriguing topic, fitting right in with text books in a dorm room.


Safe Storage Gift: Book Safe

For a little more security, this book hides a combination locked cavity within it's pages. Store a little cash or cards in this textbook safe.


Safe Storage Gift: Biometric Safe

For the maximum level of security that still fits in a dorm room--see your local bank for the vault, this safe requires a fingerprint to open. This unsuspecting, sleek storage is perfect for any contraband that should only be accessed by it's owner.

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