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Summer Bucket List: The Coolest Iced Coffee Gifts

Summer Bucket List Gifts Iced Coffee Gifts

Unless your gift recipient is a year round devotee of iced coffee, there's only a few more weeks left where the weather will be hot enough to crave a chilled caffeinated beverage. These gift ideas are great for the cold brew connoisseur for the end of summer or if they love a chilled coffee all year long.

Iced Coffee Gift Idea: Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Iced Coffee Gift Idea:

To save your recipient from the endless trips to the coffee shop, this iced coffee and cold brew maker is a great way to keep their favorite beverage on hand!


Iced Coffee Gift Idea: Designer Coffee Cups

Iced Coffee Gift Idea:

No matter who you are, you feel a little cooler with a coffee in your hand! The need for caffeine is coupled with the trendy merch of an on brand cup. Let this designer cup set make your recipient feel a little cooler, where ever they drink their nonfat latte. Also available in Balenciaga and Saint Laurent.


Iced Coffee Gift Idea: Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Iced Coffee Gift Idea:

There's iced coffee, there's cold brew and there's nitro cold brew--if you know, you know!

And if your recipient knows the difference, can taste the difference and requests the best from their favorite coffee shop, then this will make the perfect gift!


Personalized Ice Cube Molds

Iced Coffee Gift Idea:

You need ice to make iced coffee, it's uh well an integral part of the recipe! So give them the ability to make their cold caffeine even cooler with these personalized ice cube molds.


Iced Coffee Gift Idea: French Press

Iced Coffee Gift Idea:

Yes, you can make cold brew in a French press! Add in the grounds, cold water and let it sit overnight in the fridge before pushing the press down for a great at home cold brew.


This great gifts for the coffee lover will definitely feed their caffeine fix but also save them a few bucks from their frequent trips to Starbucks. But hey, if you want to throw in a gift card with any of these gifts, I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated!

Very Happy Gifting!





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