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Summer Bucket List: Delicious Ice Cream Gifts

Summer Ice Cream Gift Ideas

The summer is speeding by, it’s now August and it’s time to get all of your summer activities in before the weather starts to cool down. What’s on your summer bucket list? For me, it all starts with food! There are some delicious items that are extra special in the summer.

Yes, you can have any food all year long but just like turkey and cranberry sauce is extra special on Thanksgiving, there are some foods that are extra special in the summer! These food themed summer gifts will help anyone make the most of summer, down to the very last summer sunset.

This delicious treat is a summer favorite, either directly from the ice cream truck on a Summer Saturday or from the fridge on a hot night as dessert. So let's all scream for Ice Cream Gifts!

Summer Ice cream Gift Idea

Summer Gift Idea:

Jeni's Ice Cream is DELICIOUS! There is a range of flavors, dairy free options and they are all mouthwatering! Pick your pints to ship nationwide to your gift recipient!


Summer Ice Cream Scoop Gift Idea

Summer Gift Idea:

This beautiful brass scoop is an elevated kitchen utensil gift to serve delicious ice cream.


Summer Ice cream glass sundae cups gift idea

Summer Gift Idea:

Gift your recipient these chic, vintage inspired glass ice cream dishes--the perfect addition to a summer ice cream gift!

These are great gifts to keep summer alive just a little longer! These items are great on their own, or all together for a spectacular gift. Everyone loves ice great, and it's great for a late summer birthday gift or as a summer hostess gift!

Very Happy Gifting!



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