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Summer Bucket List: S'mores Gift Ideas

summer smore gift ideas

The summer is speeding by, it’s almost August and it’s time to get all of your summer activities in before the weather starts to cool down. What’s on your summer bucket list? For me, it all starts with food! There are some delicious items that are extra special in the summer.

Yes, you can have any food all year long but just like turkey and cranberry sauce is extra special on Thanksgiving, there are some foods that are extra special in the summer! These food themed summer gifts will help anyone make the most of summer, down to the very last summer sunset.

Of all the summer sweets, nothing makes my mouth water more than s'mores! The sweet summer sandwich of graham cracker, marshmallows and chocolate is a seasonal favorite everyone loves! So pull up a seat around the campfire and get ready for some mouthwatering s'more inspired gift ideas that will help keep summer alive and well all year long!

Smores Summer Gift Idea Flavored Marshmallows

Summer S'mores Gift Idea: Flavored Marshmallows

If your recipient is a flavor connoisseur then these artisanal marshmallows are a great treat to add to any s'more inspired gift!


Summer Smores Gift Idea Solo Stove

Summer S'mores Gift Idea:

Not everyone has the ability to build a bonfire, some apartment leases don't allow for living room fires! But for those with enough outdoor space, this solo stove is the perfect gift to keep the s'mores roasting all year long!


Summer Smores Gift Ideas Roasting Stick Set

Summer S'mores Gift Idea:

We all know that historically, in the ancient s'mores documents, actual twigs from trees were used to roast the marshmallow to perfection. We have come a long way since those dark days. Since then fancy sticks have been invented for the sole purpose of toasting a marshmallow!


Summer Smores Gift Idea Smores Kit

Summer S'mores Gift Idea:

These have to be the cutest ready-to-go s'more kits out there! Gift this (or a couple of these) all in one s'mores sets for a flavor filled treat!


Summer Smores Gift Idea Fire Starter Key Chain

Summer S'mores Gift Idea:

To have s'mores, you've got to have fire. This fire starter will make sure there is no delay in your recipient bringing the heat when their in the mood for s'mores!


Summer Smores Gift Idea Brass Fire Extinguisher

Summer S'mores Gift Idea:

This Safe T fire extinguisher is an elegant addition to any home's safety supplies but it's also a beautiful way to make sure any s'mores bonfire doesn't get out of hand.


Summer smores gift idea smores kit

Summer S'mores Gift Idea:

If you'd like to give your recipient a gift that gives this sensational summer sweet treat all in one kit, s'mores kit is the way to go! This kit includes s'more ingredients like chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers but it also includes the bonfire, the only thing left to do is toast the marshmallows!

These are great gifts to keep summer alive just a little longer! These items are great on their own, or all together for a spectacular gift.

Very Happy Gifting!




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