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Essential Beauty Gifts: Summer Skin

Summer Beauty Favorites

Everyone wants to look good in the hot summer months, so these summer beauty buys are the perfect items to give or get! The summer heat is a wonderful excuse to upgrade any beauty routine.



Summer skin takes a little extra effort when it comes to protection. Every dermatologist will tell you how important sunscreen is, all year round.

Sunscreen Powder

This makes touching up every two hours super easy!


If you're looking for a sunscreen that is skin safe and reef safe, this moisturizing sunscreen is a great find.


This tinted sunscreen makes it easy to incorporate sunscreen into your makeup look.



Being exposed to the summer sun means that skin moisturization and hydration needs to take a front seat in the summer. Parched skin needs hydration after being out in the sun and hydration to make sure

Gel Moisturizer

The cooling texture of a gel moisturize will feel so refreshing on a warm summer day.

Hyaluronic Acid

Dry summer skin will get an added boost of hydration with a few drops into any moisturizer.

Moisturizing oil

Seal in your moisturizer with a layer of oil on top to soothe parched skin.

|| MAKEUP ||

Summer Makeup

The summer heat can melt even the best set makeup looks. To keep anyone looking their best here are a few seasonal tools to keep every speck of coverage in place.

Skin tint serum

This SPF packed tinted serum is the perfect way to go about a summer day--with light coverage, spf and a dewy glow!

Double Wear foundation makeup

If a dewy glow is not your thing, and you're looking for a stay-in-place matte look, than this buildable foundation will make your night!

Makeup setting spray

Day or night, protect any look from the heat with a few quick sprays.

|| LIP CARE ||

Fun summer activities can lead to dryness of delicate lip skin. Whether it's to rehydrate those lips after sunbathing, watersports or summer smooching; lip treatments make a great gift for anyone with lips!

Scrubbing Lip Polish

Scrub off the dead skin cells from dry lips to prepare for hydration.

Lip Hydration Mask

Give lips added moisture to prep any pout for lip gloss or lipstick.

Hydrating Lip Gloss

Add high shine and moisture with this summer look perfect for day or night.

Gift these great summer skin savers for a beauty-full gift this season!

Very Happy Gifting!



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